Putting People and Community First! 

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction will be the biggest of your life.  I am taking that step by running for Mayor of Lemon Grove.  Will you join me on this journey?

When it came time for me and my family to settle down, we looked for a community with friendly people, diverse neighborhoods, family owned businesses, and rich cultural heritage. We found Lemon Grove to be the perfect match because of its’ beautiful weather, great school system, charming downtown, and bright economic future. Today, we are proud to call Lemon Grove our home! 

Over the past 14 years, I have volunteered for various groups, associations, and City task forces. As a result of my service in the community, I was appointed Planning Commissioner by the Mayor and City Council to serve 2 consecutive 3 year terms. In 2012, I was elected by the people of Lemon Grove to the City Council and it was an honor to serve as the Mayor Pro Tem for the City in 2015.

Although Lemon Grove is a wonderful City, there is a significant amount of work to do to improve our quality of life. As your Mayor, I will continue to make the following issues a priority:

Public Safety – I will work with law enforcement to ensure that we address crime and maintain a safe community.

Quality Neighborhoods – I will encourage redevelopment and smart growth while preserving the unique character of our City. 

Economic Development – I will prioritize the budget to ensure we thrive - supporting infrastructure improvements, local businesses, and services that are important to the community.

Reaching potential voters early is critical to the success of our campaign. It will require help from many people like you who are willing to encourage your Lemon Grove friends, family, and neighbors to vote for me in the November election. Register now to volunteer and/or make a donation through this website. 

You can use your social media network to help spread the word about my campaign. Connect with me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, then share my post. Use these hashtags, #Racquel4Mayor and #LemonGrove to keep your network informed.

It truly is an honor to serve you on the City Council and I appreciate your support for Mayor of Lemon Grove. Let's work together to make Lemon Grove better, click here to support the campaign.     


Racquel Vasquez

Email: RacquelVasquez@gmail.com

Phone: (619) 335-5571


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